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PROFILE: June Gamble

June Gamble

I have always valued the opportunity to work with people and support them in achieving their personally defined goals.

Having trained as a dancer since the age of 4, I became an Estate Agent! I then trained as an Arts Manager and from 1989 onwards I have worked with theatre and dance companies.

Since 1990, I have successfully run my own business, supporting people with major life decisions, including career changes, relocation, career development, financial issues and life/work balance.

In 2002, I trained to become a professional Life and Business Coach. I offer both face-to-face and telephone coaching from my bases in London and the West Country.

In addition, I work with small organisations in developing their business plans, management teams and operational systems, specifically focusing on time management, office and appraisal systems, internal and external communication.


"Changes in personal behaviour have led to larger positive repercussions both in personal and professional thoughts and decisions. [Life coaching] has been an invaluable process for me and a method that I will continually refer to at many points throughout my life." Sud Basu

"There is no doubt that my sessions with June helped focus my mind AND encouraged me to be more ambitious (which I have been!) and have more confidence." Catherine Moore

"For those of you who feel overwhelmed and overworked life coaching…really make[s] a difference." Fiona Millward

"Meeting with June as a life coach helped me to feel like I own my life as opposed to it owning me." Jessica Andrews

"June Gamble is a fantastic coach. She managed to help me sort out my business, my exercise and diet plan, time keeping and goals." Marneta Viegas, Creator and Director, Relax Kids www.relaxkids.com

“You supported me through quite a pivotal time in my life. So thanks for your support at a crucial time”. Laura Greaves

"In 2000, I folded my dance company Bullies Ballerinas and over the next few years my work slowly went from having lots of creative projects with a team to working on my own doing 75% admin and 25% creative. In Sept 2005, within the 6 sessions recommended by June, I am happy to say I have managed to turn that figure around. Coaching has helped me to 're-invent' myself as a busy choreographer!" Jeanefer Jean-Charles www.jeanefer.com


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