About Me

I have always valued the opportunity to work with people supporting their Life goals.

After studying Dance and History at Roehampton University my career took an unexpected turn. I became an estate agent, which surprised many people, however, there was method in my supposed madness. Similarly, when I was one of the first Dance Producers to retrain as a Life and Business Coach my career choices were questioned.

I have always been a strategic thinker, it’s what has made me one of the UK’s most successful dance producers. I recognised that the skills I would learn as an estate agent and as a Life and Business coach would feed back into my future role as an Independent Arts Management Development Consultant and I was right.

I have a unique set of experience and skills that no-one in the sector has. As a result, I have worked with theatre and dance companies of all levels at all stages in their life span. From nurturing new artists, guiding them towards their first taste of success, to producing large-scale events, and helping well established companies breathe new life into their organisation.

“June brings a little sparkle to everyone she works with!”

Chloe Hughes

Since 1990, I have successfully run my own business, supporting people with major life decisions, including career changes, relocation, career development, financial issues and life/work balance.

In 2002, I trained to become a professional Life and Business Coach. It was a natural progression for me as so much of what I was doing already was impacting the lives of the people I was working with.

Fast forward to now and I offer both face-to-face, Telephone, and zoom coaching from my bases in London and the West Country.

“June is an excellent listener with the ability to see and put into words with practical steps what I am thinking or where I am wanting to get to."

Heather Richmond

Business Coaching

In addition to my work with individuals, I work with small organisations in developing their business plans, management teams and operational systems, specifically focusing on time management, office and appraisal systems, internal and external communication.

“When I Asked 80 - 100 People At The One Dance UK Conference To Stand Up If They Knew June Gamble - About 25% Stood Up With A Smile On Their Face”

Jeanefer Jean-Charles.

Dance Development

After more than 3 decades working in Dance, I have been involved with the work of many, many artists and companies and produced/co-produced small and large scale events. 

My Qualifications

  • Newcastle College Company, 1999 to 2004 Business Excellence Model (BEM)
  • Diploma Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Certificate Diploma in Performance Coaching (Business)
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Digby College, Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, December 1990
  • Diploma in Arts Administration
  • Froebel College, Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, June 1988 – BA Joint
  • Honours Degree in Dance and History

What Others Say About Me

“Thank you for your support and expertise over the last few months. You’ve made an enormous positive impact on my life.”
Caron Loudy
“June’s knowledge of the dance sector and independent artists was invaluable, offering some much needed and timely reflection on my present situation and ambitions for upcoming projects”
Tim Casson
“I’m a big fan of your style, the perfect combination of straight talking with high emotional intelligence. Thank you for your insight and patience.”
Emily Cook