Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Most people associate the word coach with sports, where the coach’s job is to support the team and individual players to play the best they can, and ultimately to win.

Business coaching services really aren’t that different. It’s about helping you to improve your business.

As a Business Coach my primary objective is to help you figure out where your business is right now and where you want it to be. But it’s not just about helping you design a vision for your business, I help you to put it into actionable steps.

Through the coaching sessions I provide support and guidance for you and your team, to help you move forward through your goals to reach wherever it is you want to be.

"Coaching works because it's all about you. When you connect with what you really want and why - and take action - magical things can happen."

Emma-Louise Elsey

What does a business coach do?

business coaching services

Business coaching is not a one size fits all service. A lot of what I do is in response to your individual business needs. The first step is always to book an initial session so we can talk about you, your business, and what your vision for the future is. It’s only at this point that we can begin to pinpoint the areas business coaching can help you.

Ways in which a business coaching services can help your organisation:

  • Improve individual and/or team morale
  • Improve individual and/or team performance and productivity
  • Meet challenges as a result of internal and/or external change
  • Review and implement an income generation strategy based on a mixed economy resulting in an individual/organisation having a clear vision, strategy and plan of action that can be delivered, monitored, evaluated and reviewed on a regular basis.

What kinds of businesses do I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Small businesses

How Can I Help Your Business

Normally as a business coach I will work with key individuals, however, on occasion, it can be more beneficial for me to work with the whole organisation. This includes directors and staff.

The options/combinations of individual or group sessions that I can provide are:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Challenge & Change
  • Consultancy
  • Income Generation

Testimonials For Business Coaching services

As a leader of successful, innovative and impactful work, I would very strongly advocate that any organisation that June works with would undoubtedly benefit from the experience, passion and commitment which she has to offer.
Julie Hawker
Cosmic, July 2018
June’s insightful, pertinent, thorough, and genuine interest and approach to coaching has built my resilience to continue my business for so many years. I liken my sessions with her to a car filling up with fuel to go on its way again..... always know when a June top up is required and she never fails to offer a new perspective or challenge!
Jo Rhodes
August 2018